The Regulatory Demons

The regulatory demons of days past have come to bare their ugly faces in this time of need for small business. Dodd-Frank and Basel III, are just two examples of what’s wrong with the current system, and what is choking off much needed capital to small business around this great country.

In an industry that regularly makes high risk advances, and provides much needed capital to small businesses that need money the most, the ante has gone up.

In order to provide capital to small businesses in the good times has a level of complexity and risk that most banks cannot handle. The non-bank lending industry is the mechanism by which small businesses has attained capital in rapid fashion in the past, and in times like this, we are a vital resource to consider.

If you have a cash need, and can NOT wait for the long and arduous government solution, partner with us to provide a potential solution to your company’s cash needs.

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